The ingredients of our gingerbread are what truly makes it unique, delicious and special. We love using these powerful, wonderful healing herbs and spices and sharing them with you. It is the reason The Gingerbread Girl was born and why we do what we do.



Original Gingerbread:

Wholemeal organic stone ground flour, Flax seed ground, Free range eggs, Pure unsalted butter, Date paste, Baking soda, Wild Reishi mushroom extract, Organic cinnamon, Organic ginger, Organic turmeric, Organic clove, Organic nutmeg, Allspice


Allergy and Vegan Friendly Gingerbread:


Buckwheat flour, Coconut flour, Coconut oil, Flax seeds, Date paste, Date syrup, Baking soda, Wild Reishi mushroom extract, Organic cinnamon, Organic ginger, Organic turmeric, Organic clove, Organic nutmeg, Organic cardamom, Allspice

Our Spices


Good old cinnamon was once upon a time more precious then gold. It is a natural germ fighter and knocks all the bad bacteria for six. The wonderful aroma boosts up brain function and controls blood sugar. We love cinnamon and are super generous with it in our recipe. 


Another wonderful addition to our mix. Ginger supports digestion, protects stomach lining, is super high in protective activity of our overall health. It stimulates our taste buds and the tingling taste that you sense in our gingerbread is our darling ginger tickling your tummy inside out.  

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi mushroom Reishi mushroom has been used in the Orient for thousands of years. It’s a herb that strenthns immune systems and supports blood circulation. It has beautiful calming effects and supports a good night sleep. Reishi is a magical ingredient that brings a slightly bitter taste to our gingerbread, however, makes up for it with all it’s healing powers.


The Golden queen of all spices. Turmeric fights inflammation, protects our liver from toxins, is super healing and supportive to our immune system. Turmeric is a protector against cancer causing agents and low doses on regular basis will go a long way. It’s a whole food medicine powerhouse.


Ooooh the magical dates. These little brown things are jam packed with potassium, iron, calcium, fiber, Vitamin B6 and the list goes on. They are the perfect sugar replacer. Beautiful and sweet but so good for those little tummies at the same time.


Nutmeg again is great for boosting up our immunity, supports our digestion and brain health. It’s super powerful in cleaning our kidneys and liver from toxic substances, as well helping our sleepy fairies put us to sleep. Nutmeg is a proud member of our herb mix.


Allspice has it all It is a blood purifier and a wonderful remedy for sore muscles and joins. It assists with digestion and expultion of gases from intestines. This peppery spice contains warming properties and add a bit of heat to our gingerbread.

Flax Seeds

A super trooper powerhouse of Omega 3 fatty acids and fibre. It assists with digestion and contains heart healthy oils. These little seeds have a nutty, buttery flavour and they are a must in eveyones pantry, as well as our ginberbread.


Clove supports our bones and joints. It’s cleansing and also acts as a digestive aid. It’s like a cleaner that keeps our arteries nice and clear of cholesterol. These little “nails” are fighting bacteria as well as add wonderful flavour to our yummy treats.