Gingerbread Girl Sleepy Dust 30g


Gingerbread Girl Sleepy Dust 30g

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Gingerbread Girl Sleepy Dust is made to help you drift into a fairy tale dream. Packed with some of the beautiful spices we use in our gingerbread, just add with some warm milk at night before bed, then tuck yourself in.


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Beautiful mix of powerful spices that allows your body to relax, your mind to switch off and your sleep to be deep and restful.
Use on a regular basis to ensure long term benefits.
While you sleep this mix of wonderful spices will work on strengthening your immune system.

Organic Turmeric, Organic cinnamon, Reishi mushroom


1 review for Gingerbread Girl Sleepy Dust 30g

  1. Jo

    ??love love this , I pop 1/2 tsp into some frothed almond milk with a tsp of raw honey and a tsp of collagen powder and viola the perfect evening drink before bed , soooo good

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