Monthly subscription- Option 3

Monthly subscription- Option 3



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~The Gingerbread Girl branded jar to keep my goodies nice and fresh
~ 300g refill pack of the Supercharged Gingerbread, Original or Allergy, Vegan friendly version
~ Set of all 3 Supercharged teas in gift box packaging ( once you are a proud owner of our beautiful bright boxes, we will top them up with the refill pack options)
~ Honey dipper ( we love good quality honey with our teas and wish to add extra magic to
~ 150g pack of Supercharged Spicy dude pumpkin seed snacks
~ 150g pack of Supercharged Salty dude pumpkin seed snacks
These babies promote prostate health, support our brain function, are incredible for our skin and fill our bodies with many essential vitamins and minerals.
~I’ll be first one to taste new product samples and receive a “special family benefits”

The Value of this pack is usually $66 for Original or $71 for Vegan

Your price is $40
for regular monthly top up


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