As much as The Gingerbread Girl loves her gingerbread, her overall love is food, healthy and nutritious food at that. Often she is playing around with recipes that not only provide great nutritional benefits, however, are yummy, fun, tasty and fit the season or an occasion.

Well naturally, she decided it was time to share these delicious creations for everyone to enjoy.

Please help yourself to all recipes below and share them on for others to enjoy! Oh, and let us know how you go and your results;)

Frozen Summer Fruit Cake On A Sunflower Crust


Hello our beautiful Gingerbread Girl fans.

If you live on the same side of the earth as me you are experiencing wonderful summer months.

Oooooh yeah, we are talking beautiful sunshine, pool and beach trips, mountains of fresh fruit and veggies, awesome healthy tanned skin, light summer dresses.

That to me is happiness.

What completes this summery joy are gorgeous, healthy treats.

This baby above got created for Grandmas birthday few weeks ago.

I’m talking fresh berries, yoghurt, toasted seeds aaaaand so many other delicious healthy ingredients.

What I love about this recipe is that you can play and use whatever fruit you love or have available in your fruit basket.

The original asks for berries however we love to add mango to the mix for extra delicious tropical sweetness.

Use the recipe as your guide but play and experiment to create your own totally fav desert for hot summer months.

Happy cake making and don’t forget to share your creations with us.

Love to you all


The Gingerbread Girl